AlleTonen is an initiative of Winwide

10 years of connecting cultures through dialogue & music.

Winwide’s AlleTonen connects people and cultures through music, food and discussions. Through our activities we facilitate and stimulate Integration, Emancipation and Participation.

Alletonen Podium

AlleTonen Podium is a platform which invites cultures to become acquainted with each other through music, dance, theater, singing and other art forms.

AlleTonen Tafels

ATT consists of round table discussions where people from different backgrounds and cultures talk about societal issues while enjoying snacks from different corners of the world.

AlleTonen Koor

AlleTonen Koor invites amateur and professional singers to connect with each other and the public by singing songs from different cultures and musical styles.

Great atmosphere and pleasant cooperation! Your teamwork has also been experienced as special by the public.

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