AlleTonen is an initiative of Winwide

Everybody is invited to our dinner table

~ with as many dishes as life has to offer ~

AlleTonen Tafels are round table discussions, where people from different backgrounds and cultures come together to exchange knowledge while enjoying snacks and drinks from different corners of the globe. The content of our theme discussions are complex, ranging from diversity, human rights, education, to world religions, philosophical movements and sustainability. The discussion tables connect the participants and result in clear insights and intellectual growth.

It supports the harmonious integration of anyone who so wishes, and encourages and facilitates equal intercultural cooperation in a safe environment, where multicultural and social issues are being discussed.

In the coming years, the subjects will be addressed at our public AlleTonen Tafels and will be prepared at our Meet, Greet & Eat’s. After the 2 years Corona Lock-Downs, we have chosen to only start up with the subjects  a, b, c, d, and h as of January 2022. The other subjects will remain in the pipeline and will be addressed as it comes.

• a) (Visual) ARTs
• b) Culinaire: Creative & Healthy Cooking
• c) Democracy: The future of our Western Liberal Democracy
• d) Intercultural Economy: Basic Income, A new route of Economic thinking
• e) Health, Food & Exercise
• f) Health-literacy in schools
• g) Self-reliance
• h) Environment & Sustainable life styles: ‘Green Cocktail’ (continuation)
• i) Historical highlights