AlleTonen is an initiative of Winwide

How it all started...

WINWIDE and AlleTonen were founded on February 23, 2009 by Sandra W. Fransz, counseller & coaching specialized in integration. Since then, more than 5000 men and women from more than 100 countries have participated in our projects.

WINWIDE’s method is based on the humanistic approach of Carl R. Rogers, an American  psychologist and founder of counselling. In his philosophy, Rogers believed that each human being is unique and he focused on the positive nature of each individual. Like Rogers, Winwide is convinced that people have the desire and potential to grow. In their AlleTonen projects WINWIDE facilitates, inspires and stimulates this desire.

Our goal is that everybody feels equal and accepted in The Netherlands.

Emanicipation refers to equality and respect in the relations between genders and cultures.

Participation refers to intercultural collaboration which contributes to a better society.

In the past 10 years the following subjects have been discussed in a multicultural setting at WINWIDE’s AlleTonen Tafels. Through our AlleTonen Podiums these topics will be translated into Theatre-Opera productions:

  • Diversity
  • Human Rights: Children, Women and Migrants Rights
  • Education, Artistic and Creative Development
  • Word Religions and Philosophical Movements
  • ‘Green Cocktail’: an international youth program about sustainable life styles

Begin 2020 Corona flew into our lives and the world stood still… 2 years further the world slowly opened again and we restarted with WINWIDE’s ‘New Begin’ with a new ‘Corona proof’ strategy with more flexibility and less dependent of Covid c.s.

As of January 2022 we strictly will keep our focus on what WINWIDE’s stands for, to connecting people and cultures. We will do that by reading & writing our New Nomads (NN) Stories at our new installed reading and writing AlleTonen-Tafel (ATT). This new Table also touches WINWIDE’s reading club and other ATT interactive meeting and learning programs. To bring the name ‘Reading Club’ more in line with the other ATTs we have changed the name into  ‘Reading & Learning (AT)-Tables’. The content of the NN stories will address contemporary migration processes, either literally or figuratively. The stories will be bundled and artistically presented as WINWIDE’s ‘New Nomads Dialogues’ at our AlleTonen Podium.