AlleTonen is an initiative of Winwide

AlleTonen Podium: connecting through music,
dance and theater

AlleTonen Podium 2020

On the 23rd of February 2020, WINWIDE’s AlleTonen Podium Kamer opened its 2020/2021 concert series with its first Music Room for World Music and AlleTonenKoren.

Different choirs let you hear songs from Africa, Europe, Middle East, India and South America in various music styles. Participating choirs: Archicapella, Vocal Ensemble Cornflower, “My Choirs” – motown group and the Indian choir Zangam. The choir performances are framed by musical intermezzos i.s.m. WINWIDE’s AlleTonenKoor, Gwendolynn de Boer and Sattar Alsaadi. 
Program leader / arranger: Bas van Splunter

AlleTonen Podium
& Winwide’s 10th anniversary 2019

On Saturday, the 23th of February 2019 we had a double celebration: the 10th anniversary of Winwide and the second edition of AlleTonen Podium. The afternoon program consisted mainly of  5 different Music/Muse Rooms where our guests became acquainted with different forms and styles of music, dance, singing and theater. In the evening the concept of the New Nomads was translated into a mini-music-theater show, with performances from the ATP team, AlleTonen Koor, and guest artists such as the talented dancers Henriette Jensenius and Lesley Charles.

AlleTonen Podium 2018