AlleTonen is an initiative of Winwide

Meet, Greet and Eat with Winwide

In the Meet-Greet & Eat meetings members and friends of WINWIDE listen to experts and professionals about the application of the New Nomad’s values in their respective fields.

In the past we listened to and discussed topics such as communication, health, exercise, architecture and economy. During these meetings we may discover new approaches and increase our ability to apply positive change in our own lives, and the wider environment. 

Check out our recap video of the Meet-Greet & Eat on the 28th Sept. 2018. Besides eating a lekker dinner together, we discussed the topic of “New Nomads in search of a healthy city” & and we said goodbye to our chairwoman, Liz Oosterbaan. Liz intends to continue supporting Winwide from her new role on the board.